Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lessons from a String

-Honesty. OK, so it was actually a piece of yarn. But "lessons from yarn" ain't got no ring to it.

-Fear. If this sweet little cat of mine, this only remaining cat, dies from this stupid string (yarn), I really won't make it.

-Manners. I am worried about this little cat of mine, but I'm not going to ruin Thanksgiving dinner or make my guests feel bad. it's not THEIR fault she gulped down yarn in a bored moment, sprawled on the brown kitchen tile before us.

-The power of love. I think of it as heartbreak. But it's really love. After 3 months, I feel the crack as deep and bleak as ever. And there's no help for it. I guess if you love something or someone that profoundly, you never will get over it. Standing in line at the vet's, I think I overhear the couple next to me discussing a deceased pet. In a blink, I think I will cry right there, as memory's light flashes a warning. Another blink - will I have to leave? Another blink - mental shake: the form, just focus on the form....

-Hindsight. I KNEW that trip to the emergency vet was probably not needed and served as an alternative to buying a new pair of boots. But, now I know where the emergency vet is (less than 2 miles away, no less). And now I KNOW her intestines aren't being sawed through or strangulated or something equally awful. And, who am I kidding, I'm still likely to buy another pair of boots. It's Boston in the winter, what the hell.

-Making the best of things. The little cat is STOKED - purr purr - look at everyone looking at me - purr purr - that yarn was sure tasty, more, please? - purr purr - isn't it nice how mom is hanging out with me instead of going to work - purr purr ... purr.