Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Directions (as in, Numero Uno). And Other Crazy Crap.

Here would be my first unedited line, not intended for viewing outside my own, but now (maybe) saved for posterity, not to mention perpetuity (well, unless I just up and delete it ... welcome to the strange, wonderful world of self-publishing via blog):

"A test post for a test blog. Golly."

OK, OK, futile honesty forces me to reveal my very first blogged words were actually something like:

"Green. Green. Green."

Hey, we all have to start somewhere. So here I start.
Just where here is, I'm not so sure.
Where I *want* here to be, I'm not so sure either.
Where does this leave us?
Still not sure. With a less than terribly fascinating first blog.
And a cat trying to eat my power cord.
It's a life someone's gotta live.

So, for a grander summation: beginnings. Beginnings, and a blog I don't know what to name, or what its survival odds will be.

This may not be the most auspicious beginning ever.


To get a sense of how others launch their blogs, just spent quite a chunk o time hitting the "next blog" link over and over. Crazy. Fascinating. Little snippets of the whole world, right here under our fingertips. Amazing photography, a multitude of languages, an awful lotta babies, family news, quirky people, religious quotes, a nude pic.... Yep, think it's all here.

Another launch dilemma - naming - it's huge! Anyone who's had to name a child can probably attest to this, but those who have named pets or plants or rocks have still struggled with the mighty weight of naming. And, naming a blog, on the spot (ha, get it? that was unintentional), when you had no idea you were even going to create one, and no idea if it would be public or if it would last a day, a year, or a decade, and meanwhile the little name box was just sitting there, waiting to be filled so you could get on with it ... "To Be Named" is what emerged. I might kinda like it, tho. We'll see.

[One cat hairball incident later....]

So, the obvious upshot here: For the moment, and maybe eternity, I'm talking to myself here, so I can do whatever the hell I want, can't I? Including asking myself rhetorical questions. What's that Grace said? Have fun, entertain yourself. Indeed. Ooh ... a late-dawning just-breaking thought ... blog as a venue for my long-awaited (by me at least) advice column! At long last! Mabe not Ann Landers (rest her soul) nor quite Dan Savage ... somewhere in between will be my zone, I do think.

Good thing I'm just talking to myself here. What kind of first post is it to wander off onto an idea for an entirely different project?! Like I said, Crazy Crap....

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