Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Is as ...

So, see what you think. About two months ago, when I took my new manager position, I did this "define your core values" exercise where I had to pick through 50 cards with various positive values on them. I had to narrow down to my top 3, a very difficult task for me, what with the deciding and limiting and all. So, I struggle, and probably wind up with a top 5ish or something. But the one value, the one easy absolute, was happiness. It is very important to me, and kind of one of those things where, if I have that, everything else is more or less going to be OK/work out. But I've always defined it as pretty key/core to me and my (well)being.

So, OK. A few weeks ago, another leadership training, I do the exercise again. Happiness? Gone. An easy elimination, as I struggle with Quality, Efficiency, Independence, Understanding. I kind of idly note this, but keep on going. I figure, other core values are asserting themselves. Maybe it isn't so primary. Maybe it's not so important at work, maybe....

Then, a few days later, I think ... WTF??? Happiness was GONE? Easily eliminated?? Uh ... this maybe isn't so swift.

Your vote? Huge warning sign? Not such a big thing?

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